Create your digital banking or payment platform within 30 days

finbuilder’s White Label solution allows you to build unique financial products including banking solutions, crypto-wallets, payment gateways and trading exchanges in an all-in-one, robust platform, using our seamless API integrations.


Cross Border Expansion

Our APIs are built for scalability and are backed by the relevant licensing
and regulation, enabling you to expand your products globally.

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Feature-packed Products

Build a fully branded banking, investing and/or payment B2B, B2C or C2B platform and mobile app with a range of features
that will take your clients’ experience to the next level.

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Fast and Cost-

Launch smart, user-friendly and secure financial solutions with an ultra-fast time to market. Our expert teams will take care of all the onboarding, processing and client management requirements.


Whether you are looking to launch your own challenger bank or you want to seamlessly embed FinTech solutions to your existing product, we’ve got you covered.

finbuilder is an all-in-one financial software and services provider, offering you the option to integrate various financial products, such as IBAN accounts, prepaid virtual cards, crypto-wallets, exchanges, and other integrations to create your own banking or payment service. As all components of finbuilder’s software are built in an open architecture, it allows you to integrate via API nearly any financial product or service you have envisioned for your fintech project in your own branding.

If you want to offer your customers access to various financial products and services through a SINGLE platform, then finbuilder is the perfect solution for you!

System Architecture

Finbuilder allows for a wide range of separate banking, payments and investing services and products to be integrated into an existing product or be used to create a new, unique and fully branded White Label platform. This means that a group of different services can be connected and aligned with a merchant partner (a.k.a. White Label).

Each merchant partner (White Label) will be assigned under a financial network with a wide range of services that they can use to generate the products that their customers can ultimately use via their banking app.

As a finbuilder client, you will be given absolute freedom to integrate and customise your platforms and apps to your exact requirements.

finbuilder Open API

As a finbuilder client, you will be able to easily access all our tools, products, and functionalities through our API architecture. Just select the service you would like to connect to and use our seamless API integrations. finbuilder gives you endless combinations of services and possibilities, enabling you to create a fully customised, branded, secure, and unique end-product and launch your own online banking business in a matter of weeks. Your tech team will receive a list of all API interfaces with clear instructions for an effortless integration of our products to your environment.


We help financial institutions reach their full potential!

One API – Endless

finbuilder allows you to build a fully customised financial platform and offer your clients a unique ecosystem of financial products and services. Our ready-made, White Label solution helps you kickstart your business with ease.

Integrate SEPA/SWIFT transactions
Offer IBANs and multi-currency transactions
Issue branded virtual, debit or credit cards
Provide cryptocurrency wallets
Easily set fee structures and accounting
Enable trading and investing in popular markets
Easily integrate FX & remittance
Integrate and automate KYC/AML processes
Offer IBANs and multi-currency transactions
Provide cryptocurrency wallets
Enable trading and investing in popular markets
Integrate and automate KYC/AML processes

A Network of First-Class
Service Providers

A Network of First-Class Service Providers

Through our open API interfaces, you can access an impressive number of local and international service providers  (or so-called “service partners”) and services to increase both revenue and client satisfaction.

Data Safety and Fraud

Data Safety and Fraud Prevention

All data exchanges with our systems are performed through secure communication channels. All confidential data registered in our systems are automatically encrypted. In this way, finbuilder’s White Label payment gateway ensures that you and your clients remain fully protected at all times.



Talk to us

We want to hear all about your project. Our experienced team is available to answer all your questions and together we can help you build your product.



Test your new digital bank or payment platform with our “Sandbox” testing platform and refine your product for a seamless client experience.



Start onboarding new clients with us within 3 days from the launch of your product’s Beta version and finalise your testing stage.



Once your app, platforms and website are fully optimised, we are ready for launch! 


finbuilder is an all-in-one innovative FinTech platform specialising in Banking and Payment software solutions. We offer a complete package of customisable Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that enable you to integrate a wide range of financial products and services to create your own unique digital banking or payment service in just 30 days.  

finbuilder solution offers:

All-in-one banking solution
Crypto-friendly Core Banking solution
Commodities trading solution
Onboarding & KYC services solution
Custom based solution
Global White Label solution

All-in-one Banking Solution

Get multiple IBANs, SEPA/SWIFT/International payments, Faster Payments, Visa and Mastercard prepaid virtual and physical cards, and more for your business.
Issuing multiple IBANs obtained through selected banking partners.
Enables customers to send funds both domestically and internationally in real-time.
Initiation of cross-border payments (SEPA, SWIFT, CHAPS).
Instant balance updates.
Forex exchange between multiple currencies.
Mastercard/VISA prepaid, physical and virtual cards line integration and issuance to the platform.

Crypto Trading Solution

Crypto-fiat services. Crypto and Fiat tokens can be exchanged in a secure, technical and optimised environment.
Secure Trading/exchange system.
Crypto wallet solution.
Exchange fiat to crypto, make crypto transfers and invest in cryptocurrencies.
Regulated storage of crypto.

Commodities Trading Solution

The use of commodities or digital assets as a store of value and/or a means of payment is already an established source of innovation and wealth creation for FinTech companies.
Secure Trading/ Exchange system.
Metal accounts solution.
Buy or sell gold, invest in metals and other commodities.
Regulated storage of metals.

Onboarding & KYC Services Solution

Convenient back office (CRM) for managing your individual and business clients, transactions, reports, card issuance and exchange fees. Robust compliance solutions with AML/KYC onboarding and financial monitoring tools with strong client authentication.
KYC instruments with widespread database and automated AI solutions.
Due Diligence documentation reviews.
Operational risk policies, incl. automated risk matrix.
Compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Custom-based Solution

Define and maintain full control of your clients’ fees.
Combine different services to create customised products that meet your clients’ needs..
Detailed reports that give you a granular view of all the details, functionalities and performance of your platform.
Maintain full control of all your platforms’ procedures and processes.

Global White Label Solutions

Fully integrated financial services within a trusted financial network:
Fully customisable.
Easy setup.
Launch your own comprehensive banking platform.
Issue multiple IBANs and reloadable virtual and physical prepaid cards.
Mobile friendly and fully compatible with iOS and Android systems.

finbuilder for Developers

Discover all the resources and tools you need to build your own digital banking and payment building with finbuilder. Each of our white labels’ individual documentation systems and logs are maintained separately.

finbuilder documentation allows you to build your own additional services, interfaces and mobile apps and integrate them into your Core Products.

Rest API: Allow your merchants to build payment processing the way they see fit. Rest API allows building adaptable and scalable integrations.

Easy integration: Easy and secure integration with merchants.


We are an international team of professionals, innovators and FinTech enthusiasts seeking to disrupt the financial services industry by leveraging the power of technology, removing the barriers of entry for businesses and offering revolutionary all-in-one financial solutions.

As your trusted partner in the FinTech sector, at finbuilder we are optimally positioned to handle the regulatory and technological complexities of creating banking, investment and payment solutions — enabling you to focus on what matters most: your clients.

With our straightforward APIs, you can integrate our fully digital banking services directly into your product. We have developed sophisticated and flexible software that can support your business needs in a simple, efficient and automated way.  

At finbuilder we take pride in staying at the forefront of digital innovation, by constantly developing, growing and improving our products, services and tools. We have designed feature-packed platforms and apps to be fully customisable and easily integrable into existing products and operations. Developed with the end-user in mind, our fintech solutions can give your clients new possibilities when it comes to achieving their financial goals. 



We aim to become a valuable contributor to the FinTech industry evolution, providing
cutting edge software solutions available to businesses of different sizes.


finbuilder is looking to build next-generation FinTech products through a combination of proprietary
technology and trusted partners. Help us build the future of FinTech together!

Referral Partners

FinBuilder offers outstanding partnership programmes for individuals and companies. Let’s work together, let’s grow together!

Technological Partners

Do you have a fintech product that would complement our suite of services? Contact FinBuilder and discover our partnership programmes and opportunities.

Infrastructure Partners/
Service Providers

Do you have a service (i.e. money transfer, card issuer, IBAN issuer, or other) that you would like to offer through the finbuilder platform? We would love to hear more about it!

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